New Products  Espin,Ultrasonic Interferometer(Measuring Cell)


 Digital Potentiometer

  10 Wire Potentiometer
   Band gap or   Semiconductor Diode
   Battery Eliminators
  Burette Stand
  Compact Kelvin Double     Bridge
  Conductivity Meter
  Crompton Type Dial    Potentiometer
  Decade Capacitance   Box
  Decade Dial Resistance Box
  Deflection   Magnetometer


For Measuring Emf of Solutions and Titration
Range 0.1999v
Resolution 1% or Last Digit whichever is higher


Digital Potentiometer Dual Channel.
Provision to do two experiments simultaneously.
Single display with selector switch.
Built-in standard cell of  1.018V.

      ELECTRODES                (AT  ADDITIONAL  COST)

       Model 171A                         Platinum Electrode
       Model 171B                         Silver Electrode
       Model 171C                         Reference Electrode - Calomel
       Model 171D                         Combined Electrode



Diode Logic Trainer Kit



Dual Power Supply-Var
   Electronic Audio Osc


Electronic Cell


Four Terminal Standard Resistor


Function Generator


Histeresis Apparatus


Kohlrauch Coductivity Bridge


Meter Bridge


Mutual Inductance Coil


Op-amp & Logic Power Supply
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