Prof T.Krishnamurthi our founder started the company in the year 1959 to service the needs of educational institutions and research scholars.

We at Physics Instruments Co. follow the mantra diligently and we are on the threshhold of completing fifty fruitful years of service to education and research.

Our range of products includes:

Ultrasonic interferometer for velocity measurement in liquids, electromagnets for hall effect apparatus, laser and fibre optic trainers, Regulated DC power supplies Decade resistance and capacitance boxes and other electronic trainer kits for educational institutions. We also have marketing tie up for Pacific Electronics range of products.


We have recently expanded our activities in to the field of NANO technology by adding the following two products to our range. 

  1. Electro Spinning Apparatus for producing NANO fibers from polymers.

(In collaboration with Prof T.S.Natarajan IIT-Madras.)

  1. NANO particle generator used for generating Metal NANO Particles.

(In Collaboration with Zeonics Defence & Aerospace Engineers, Bangalore)

We are also proud to announce that we are the only manufacturers in India to develop, design and manufacture the above mentioned equipments indigenously.

This instrument has been developed indigenously by Prof.T.S.Natarajan of  IIT Madras and we have obtained the transfer of technology from IIT M and are manufacturing and supplying to the various institutions for different  applications.

We have skilled and very well trained experienced staff to manage our production. Stringent quality control during and after production have ensured our customer is always given the best product.
We have about 300 dealers who are in constant touch with various customers ensuring prompt supplies and regular after sales service. 
We also have a team of senior people in the field of R&D who are our consultants for development work.

Our aim is to make affordable quality instruments in India for the development of Science and Technology. In our Golden Jubilee year our aim is to fulfill the dream of our founder Prof T.Krishnamurthi :  that Indians should  carry out research in our own soil and make India proud.

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