Technical Specifications :

  • To obtain polymer fibres in micro and nano ranges.
  • High voltage variable power supply 30KV, 1mA with H.V Cables and connectors.
  • Two types of fibre collection schemes are provided:
    • Simple metal plate collector to obtain random non-woven fibre mat.
    • Rotating drum collecting unit with variable speed to obtain aligned fibres.
  • Computerised Data Acquistion to control the syringe despensing with Front end software.
  • Programmable syringe dispensing system that dispenses polymer solutions from standard 2ml disposable syringes.
  • Minimal metallic components to avoid electric field distortions around the unit.
  • Plastic enclosure for dust free and isolated environment.








Schematic of electrospinning apparatus


EM image of a typical electrospun membrane.


Electrospinning in detail:Download


Manufacturers of Scientific Equipments

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